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Out of the Box Publishing Says “Let’s ROCK!™”

Let's Rock

Dodgeville, Wisconsin – Out of the Box is proud to announce the release of a new twist on an old classic….ROCK!™ This new two player card game is based on the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. But it challenges players with the added element of speed.

Using the traditional rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, players flip over cards and race to name the winning card. Each card is different so it takes a sharp eye and quick wit.

"The beauty of ROCK! is that everyone already knows how to play," says Al Waller, President of Out of the Box Publishing. “If you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors, you can ROCK!”

ROCK! is for 2 players, ages 7 to adult. ROCK! is available at specialty retailers – at a suggested retail of $9.99.

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About Out of the Box Publishing
Since 1999, Out of the Box Publishing has been a leader in the Business of Fun! Headquartered in Dodgeville, WI, Out of the Box produces a gamut of games. From single-player to party games, from quick and light games to engaging strategy games, Out of the Box games are designed to please the entire family. Fun has always been our mission, and happiness can be found….right Out of the Box!