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Nintendo® Mario Kart Wii™ Slot Car Set by Carrera Goes Digital At Toy Fair 2009


NEW YORK, NY – (February 15, 2009) - Given the success of Carrera GO!!! Mario Kart, which saw record sales in 2007-2008, Carrera of America, the world’s leading brand of slot car and race track systems, is introducing its latest Nintendo® entertainment license themed after the gaming company’s Wii platform at Toy Fair ’09. The new Mario Kart Wii set has been upgraded from the analog GO!!! racing system to Carrera’s Digital 143 line, which will create a new dimension of play for the popular video game.

“GO!!! Mario Kart, which was introduced in 2007, not only out-sold every slot car track in Carrera’s history but garnered a number of toy industry awards, including Dr. Toy’s Best Products (Spring 2007),” said Alan Hess, President of Carrera of America. “This year’s Digital143 Mario Kart Wii, builds on our heritage of action, quality, and innovation and leveraging the most advanced technologies in slot car racing. The new set takes the thrill of electric racing to unexpected levels with lightening quick tactical moves, peak speed capacity and real-life racing functionality.”

With Carrera’s Digital143 Mario Kart Wii (40007), the worldwide race to be the true king of the Mushroom Kingdom is on, with a whole new set of tricks, track and ways to play. Rocket Mario™, Luigi™ and Peach™ through more than 29 feet of track, filled with all-new obstacles like a double loop, two lane change sections, tunnel and banked turn. Just like the video game, Carrera’s Digital technology will allow up to three friends to go fender-to-fender as they duel Mario Kart characters’ “Wild Wing” 1:43 scale slot cars simultaneously at full speed on the same track.

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Child-friendly stunt action and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide lightening quick tactical moves, peak speed capacity and real-time lane changing in Carrera’s newest and most advanced line of digital 1:43 scale car and track systems. Fun for children 8+ and competitive enough for even the most experienced tournament-level slot car racer, Carrera Digital provides more power, speed and refined maneuverability than any track system in Carrera history. Able to accommodate up to three drivers on the same track dueling simultaneously at full speed, Carrera Digital143 racetrack adventure means optimal racing through a full field of competition with real-time acceleration and braking, high-speed takeovers, sensational drifts and the ability to plan pit stops, change lanes, draft and pass the competition all at the press of a button. Carrera Digital offers a variety of upgrade options, including wireless control, a digital lap counter, double lane change sections, 3D elevations and expandable shoulders for extra-wide drifts.

Founded in 1951, Carrera is the world’s largest manufacturer of high performance slot cars and precision racetracks in 1:24, 1:32 and 1:43 scale. Through its close cooperation with the automobile industry, Carrera strives to match every detail of the original cars and offers a wide range of officially licensed models from leading manufacturers in the automobile and entertainment industry. Owned by Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb, GmbH Salzburg, Austria, Carrera distributes its products to more than 40 countries around the world through its subsidiaries, including Carrera of America, Inc. and Carrera Toys. For more information about Carrera and its product lines, please visit