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NEW YORK, NY (February 17, 2008) Carrera of America, the world's leading brand of slot cars and race track systems, will give consumers a sneak peek of two of the year's most highly anticipated movie releases during Toy Fair '08, February 17-20. Months before "Speed Racer" hits theaters nationwide on May 9th and "Batman, The Dark Knight" on July 18th, Carrera will unveil its two new officially licensed 1:43 scale starter sets, which are themed after the action-packed blockbusters.

The 2008 Carrera GO!!! "Batman" set will give the young (and young at heart) a chance to pilot the Batmobile through Gotham City. The Carrera GO!!! "Speed Racer" set, also available Spring/Summer 2008, will let slot car and film fans push speed to the limit through a series of death-defying loops and wall-climbing flyovers. Both sets feature 1:43 scale cars and tracks designed to precisely replicate the big screen versions of these classic favorites, providing wholesome, fast-paced fun for anyone looking to explore the excitement of slot car racing.

Carrera GO!!! puts the fate of the legendary "Speed Racer" in your hands as the supercharged Mach 5 goes head to head with Racer X's infamous #9 Shooting Star on a 1:43 scale. Fly down the track, careen around, over and through the competition, in this high-octane race set that includes almost 21 feet of track, a double loop, junction, flyover, lap counter, two turbo speed controllers and two tampo-printed Mach 5 and Shooting Star cars (as seen in the movie). In addition to the "Speed Racer" car and track set (Model #62068), Carrera is also debuting three new 1:43 scale slot cars in the "Speed Racer" series, including the Mach 5 (61074), Racer X Street Car (61075) and "Speed Racer" (67076).

Step into the cockpit of Batman's new and improved Batmobile, the Hyperdrive, and take on the Joker's Jocar at scale speeds of up to 450 miles per hour. The Carrera GO!!! 1:43 scale "Batman" set (62067) brings the streets of Gotham City to life with more than 20 feet of action-packed racing through two loops, a paint-trading narrow section, a flyover, junction, lap counter and two turbo speed controllers. Slot car racing superheroes can also battle the Joker's evil henchman, Bane, in his "Banester" (61702), part of the Carrera GO!!! 2008 car collection.

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High-performance slot car racing meets child-friendly stunt action in Carrera GO!!! series of top-quality, durable tracks and cars. Recommended for ages 8+, Carrera GO!!! 1:43 scale systems are designed to be the perfect introduction to the world of Carrera electronic racing. The Carrera GO!!! 2008 product line-up being debuted at Toy Fair 2008 features 11 themed sets, a large selection of original licensed model slot cars and custom accessories ranging from a jump, new lane change sections, and a 3-D support system. All Carrera GO!!! cars are equipped with double contact brushes and powered by Carrera's turbo speed controller with race boost.

Founded in 1963, Carrera is the world's largest manufacturer of high performance slot cars and precision racetracks in 1:24, 1:32 and 1:43 scale. Through its close cooperation with the automobile industry, Carrera strives to match every detail of the original cars and offers a wide range of officially licensed models from leading manufacturers in the automobile and entertainment industry. Owned by Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb, GmbH Salzburg, Austria, Carrera distributes its products to more than 40 countries around the world through its subsidiaries, including Carrera of America, Inc. and Carrera Toys. For more information about Carrera and its product lines, please visit