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Pyramat® Brings Interactive Gaming to New Levels for ‘Tweens and Teens

Award-Winning Products to Boost Gaming Fun at American International Toy Fair 2008

NEW YORK – February 17, 2008 – With over one-third of kids in the U.S. spending more time playing video games than ever before*, Pyramat – creators of the original line of sound-embedded seats for console gaming – brings digital ‘tweens and teens their most innovative product line yet!

Pyramat (pronounced peer-a-mat) will take control of the show at the 2008 American International Toy Fair in New York, February 17-20, occupying booth #2111 on the third floor at the Javits Convention Center. “As kids become more tech savvy, they demand the latest and greatest in consumer electronics to maximize their video gaming experience,” said Michael Feldman, co-founder and president of Pyramat. “Pyramat remains the leader in high-performance, game enhancing furniture, and we’re confident our cutting-edge products will provide a truly interactive experience for ‘tweens, teens and gamers of all ages.”

Pyramat will showcase the following products at this year’s Toy Fair:

For Console Gamers:
Playing games is the #1 activity kids do with video game systems and computers – according to The NPD Group – followed by watching movies and listening to music.

    Sound Rocker
  • S1500-W Sound Rocker – The S1500-W Sound Rocker offers a sensory and stimulating gaming experience all loaded into a sleek and portable chair. Feel the game and audio through the 4-inch POWERSUB® subwoofer and twin directional, full range speakers. Wireless audio allows for an un-tethered experience at an affordable price. The S1500-W is compatible with all gaming consoles, iPods and mp3 players. Available at retail for $119.95.

  • S5000 Sound Rocker – The S5000 Sound Rocker is the next generation in sound furniture. Evolving far beyond its upholstered wood predecessors, the S5000 features a futuristic design and ultra-precise audio that puts gamers directly into the action. The ergonomically designed Sound Rocker has lumbar support and an adjustable backrest to accommodate people of varying heights in comfort, for long hours of game play. High-performance Pyramat speakers deliver impeccable sound, and a rumbling POWERSUB adds a visceral element to the gaming experience. Available at retail for $169.99.

  • PM450-WR Sound Rocker – The PM450-WR is Pyramat’s most luxurious Sound Rocker yet. It uses PREMIUM DIGITAL WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY to offer the most precise wireless audio experience ever in a game chair. The PM450-WR is the first Sound Rocker on the market to feature a rechargeable battery, which lasts for up to five hours on a single charge. It also includes a 2.4 GHz digital eight-channel wireless transmitter, and a rumbling 5.5-inch POWERSUB® subwoofer, making it the ultimate accessory for serious gaming enthusiasts. Available at retail for $249.99.
For PC Gamers:
According to recent data released by The NPD Group, PCs dominate as the top system used for gaming by kids of all ages. The top activities performed by kids online are downloading video clips, watching music videos, listening to music and playing games.
  • PC Gaming Chair 2.1 – The PC Gaming Chair enhances games, and all other computer based entertainment. The chair wirelessly connects to a PC through a built-in wireless receiver, and features two full range speakers and a POWERSUB® subwoofer, ensuring a precise and immersive audio experience. The PC Gaming Chair also has an input for MP3s and armrest mounted mouse wheel and touch controls. Available at retail for $249.99.

  • Laptop Sound Booster – The Laptop Sound Booster™ turns laptops into a personal home theater experience by amplifying sound through two powerful, full range Pyramat speakers. Perfect for use in the home, but away from the desk, the Laptop Sound Booster features an ergonomic design to accommodate hours of games and videos in comfort. It also has an iPod USB dock for music. In addition to adding enhanced ergonomics and significantly better sound, the Laptop Sound Booster also prevents laptops from transferring heat to a user’s lap. Available at retail for $89.99.
All Pyramat Performance Gaming products provide users with exceptional style, luxurious comfort and unparalleled electronic functionality. Meticulous audio clarity combined with rumbling POWERSUB subwoofers allows gamers to feel the on-screen action, immersing them deeper into the game, and resulting in improved game play. Sound Rockers are compatible with all game consoles and most audio visual devices, such as a TV, VCR, DVD, hand-held gaming devices and MP3 players.

Pyramat single-handedly pioneered the video game furniture category as the originators of game enhancing “sound furniture.” It continues to produce entirely creative, award-winning, high-quality products with unmatched audio clarity and cutting-edge design.

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About Pyramat LLC Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Pyramat manufactures and distributes game enhancing devices. The company is primarily known for its sound embedded game seats, which bring precise audio and comfort to gamers, along with the ability to feel the action. Founded in 1999, Pyramat won the Tech TV “Best of CES 2003 - Gaming” award for its PM300i Sound Lounger. The deluxe, wireless PMX Sound Rocker was awarded the runner-up to “Best of CES 2005 – Audio/Video.” Pyramat products are available at most major retailers. More information on Pyramat can be found at *Source: Amount of Time Kids Spend Playing Video Games Is On The Rise, The NPD Group, October 17, 2007