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Lunar Eclipse on February 20th Is Inspiration for Hot Science Toys 2008 American International Toy Fair Is Stage for 7,000 New Playthings

Moon in my Room February 19, 2008, New York City, NY…For the third time this year, kids and families can enjoy seeing a total lunar eclipse, when the moon will become completely immersed in the earth's shadow. Now kids can learn more about the moon and astronomy with hot new science toys featured at this year's American International Toy Fair in New York.

Almost everyone in the Americas and Western Europe will have a beautiful view of tomorrow's lunar eclipse unless bad weather gets in the way. The moon will be high in a dark evening sky as viewed from most of the United States and Canada while most people are still awake and about.

Following are great examples of learning toys that teach kids about astronomy and more:

    EyeClops™ Night Vision by Jakks Pacific provides kids young and old with an authentic night vision experience like never before. Powered by actual infra-red driven night vision technology, these goggles allow visibility up to 20 feet in completely dark environments. Take hide and seek to a whole new level! Find your brothers and sisters, friends and pets - in the dark! Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $79.99, expected to be available in Fall 2008. (

    Moon in My Room™ by Uncle Milton Looking for an "out of this world" encounter? Spend the night gazing at outer space with the all-new Moon in My Room from Uncle Milton. This authentically sculpted and detailed moon hemisphere hangs on any wall and lights up to cast realistic moonlight in any room. A remote control allows the user to display 12 different realistic moon phases. A 15-minute CD Audio Tour teaches kids about the moon, its effect on the Earth, where humans landed and all of the moon's exciting age-old myths and legends. Also works great as a nightlight for young space explorers with its internal light that activates the moon when it gets dark. Ages 6 and up. SRP: $29.99. (

    Moon sand™ by Spinmaster The incredible Moon Sand can be squished, squashed, molded and stacked much easier than real sand. Unlike most clays and dough, though, Moon Sand doesn't dry out, is easy to clean up and doesn't stick or stain. Expanding to twice its size out of the package, one pound of Moon Sand is enough to create a generous-sized sand castle for your child. Ages 3-8. (

    Space Exploration: The Planets, Moon, Stars, Solar System & Rockets by Thames & Kosmos Kids explore rocket propulsion with balloons and chemically powered rockets, and can build a telescope and star map to investigate the stars and constellations. Comes with a full-color, 32-page experiment book. Ages 8+. (

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