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Splash Bombs® 8 PC Pool Party Pack


Prime Time Toys Splash Bombs® Pool Party Pack Wins A Spring 2011 Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award

Hong Kong, China (May 25, 2011) - As anyone who speaks hip-hop can tell you, being da "bomb" is a good thing. It means you're the best, the coolest, the most fun. And while these phrases don't always translate into the mainstream, for Prime Time Toys, it has. That's because its warm weather fun set, "Splash Bombs® 8 PC Pool Party Pack" has just received a Spring 2011 Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award.

Here's why The Parents' Choice judges think that for Prime Time Toys being all wet is all good:

Prime Time Toys - Splash Bombs® 8 PC Pool Party Pack
Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award for Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Price: $14.99

"Kids love a day at the pool. Even in early spring, we have already had a few pool days, and this Splash Bomb set is indeed a "party in a bag" for my kids. It comes with four different sponge balls, a football, Frisbee and catch and toss game all packed into a convenient carry along bag. The boys had a blast pelting each other with the water-logged football, and found the catch and toss game quite challenging. They were really excited when I even joined in a game of (very wet!) dodge ball. The set is sturdy and well-made, so I expect these toys to last. The best aspect for me is that everything fits into a convenient bag that the kids can carry. They even added a few of their beach toys to it, and we look forward to taking it with us to the pool and beach all summer!"

The Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award was created in response to requests to identify value priced age-appropriate products such as kits for making a keepsake for Grandma, party games, or birthday party gifts that won't break the bank - nonviolent products that may not be educational but are well produced and fun.

The Parents' Choice Awards™ Program's mission is to identify the best products for children of different ages, backgrounds, skills, and interests. Parents' Choice Awards are given to products that meet and exceed standards set by educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents, and yes, kids themselves.

During its 31-year history, the Parents' Choice Awards program has established the benchmarks of achievement in children's media; trust for the consumers and credibility with the press.

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Since 1990, Prime Time Toys, Ltd. has been producing fun, innovative toys and games that can be enjoyed both in and out of the water. Starting with the world famous Splash Bombs®, it has developed and expanded its line of water activities designed to give families hours of fun together. Just because Mom is sitting by the pool reading a book doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a good soaking! Every kid knows that! Prime Time Toys provides the tools to get the job done.
No water? No problem! Prime Time's line of soft, safe and action toys ensure endless enjoyment, indoors and out. To serve the world's fun needs, it has offices in Hong Kong and the US, and its products are sold by thousands of retailers across the globe.
Prime Time is proud to say it has made a big splash over the past 19 years, in every sense of the word. Click on their website,, for more information.