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CB-3 Stryker Cross Bow Prime Time Toys Offers The Perfect Party Present or Backyard Activity

Hong Kong, China (September 3, 2009) – In the business world there’s a standing joke that you can have it Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick two. That’s not the case with the wide selection of great outdoor toys that are reasonably priced from Prime Time Toys. Parents have enough to worry about: a shaky economy, the lack of fresh air and exercise among our youth and the irresistible appeal of anything hi-tech. But offer a kid a Rocket Blaster™ or a High-Fly Disc Shooter and watch him run from the computer to the back door!

New this season are five of the coolest no-batteries-needed toys that boys and girls will jump for, literally! There’s the appeal of archery with two cross bows with foam arrows, the martial arts-inspired Max Skillz™ Bo Staff Trainer and the strap-on-the-wrist High-Fly Disc Shooter. Prime Time Toys offers a wide assortment during the autumn months when back-to-school and early sunsets mean little time to run outside and be a kid. And when the weather gets frightening, most of these toys are also appropriate for indoor play. Just warn the cat (or the dog).

    CB-3 Stryker Cross Bow • Ages 8+ • $19.99
    Kids can shoot arrows up to 35 feet with one pull from this new cross bow that’s accurate and powerful. Pull back and release the firing column. Aim for the trees, the neighbor’s house or high in the sky. Bright green arrows are easy to find when they reach the ground.

    CB-2 Stinger Cross Bow • Ages 8+ • $27.99
    The best way to become an archery ace is to practice, practice, practice with this nifty bow meant for speed and accuracy. The Stinger’s wingspan expands to 28” wide. Pull back and watch those foam arrows soar – up to an astonishing 40 feet.

    Max Skillz Bo Staff Trainer Cross Bow Refill Pack • Ages 8+ • $3.99
    If your arrow gets stuck in a tree or the dog caught it (and then chewed it) you’ll want this 3-foam arrow refill pack.

    High-Fly Disc Shooter Twin pack • Ages 5+ • $8.99
    The coolness factor of these wrist-strapped flyers cannot be overstated. Load in 10 discs and aim for a rapid fire of action that travels up to 8 feet. Amaze your friends, the cat, yourself. Each kit includes 2 launchers and 20 red and green discs.

    Max Skillz Bo Staff Trainer • Ages 6+ • $15.99
    This foam Bo Staff trainer is really two toys in one – a 62” Kung-Fu style staff to train reflexes and a set of foam swords. After honing some martial arts moves on the Bo Staff, press a button and watch the staff separate into two safe tubular swords. Either form delivers maximum fun.

    Blast-Off™ Twin Prop Flyer • Ages 4+ • $17.99
    Pull back the ripcord launcher and watch those two propellers fly the 4” foam figure majestically to 35 feet. It’s the ultimate in vertical take-off and flight. This flyer can be played inside or out.

Need a great birthday party present that isn’t a gift card? Having the cousins over for a Saturday visit? Choose from these best-selling and affordable toys available at major retailers and specialty toy stores coast-to-coast:
    Rocket Force™ Viper V-2 • Ages 5+ • $7.99
    Foam tipped for safety, these rockets make a screech sound as they whiz by – up to 200 feet high! Each 7” rocket is covered with highly reflective Mylar.

    Rocket Force Rocket Force™ Cobra Max 10 • Ages 5+ • $8.99
    For kids who want more power, this 10” rocket packs a big punch. Watch the Cobra Max fly up to 170 feet in the backyard or the schoolyard.

    Rocket Force ™ PS-2-N-Force • Ages 5+ • $10.99
    Feel the power in your fingertips as the air-powered pistols launch 5” rockets that can fly to 30 feet away. For kids with dogs, playing fetch has never been so fun or funny!

    Rocket Blaster™ • Ages 6+ • $17.99
    Storm the sky with this popular action toy. Stomp your foot to launch 9” of screeching rocket, then watch it soar over 200 feet. The rocket is tipped with foam for a safe landing wherever (or on whomever) it lands!

    High-Fly Target Ball • Ages 8+ • $10.49
    Ready? Aim. Fire! Big kids can launch the three soft foam balls with ease and a steady hand. Soft foam balls guarantee worry-free fun!

    Zipper Foam Flyer • Ages 5+ • $9.99
    Create 40 feet of flying action with a simple pull of the zip cord. The foam helicopter measures 8.5” and blasts off with the enclosed launcher.

    Squeeze Blaster • Ages 6+ • $14.99
    Pint-size kids will love the pint-size launchers that require just a squeeze. These hand-held blasters carry mega-striking power. Each kit includes two 3.25” launchers plus six 3” foam missiles. Colorful target included.

    Jump Masters Sky Diver High-Fly Spinnerz • Ages 5+ • $7.99
    Fly ‘em high and watch them spin back to earth in a cool whirlybird pattern. These spinnerz are light on their feet but pack a punch of action and adventure.

    Jump Masters Sky Diver • Ages 5+ • $6.49
    It takes a real parachute to fly accurately and without a tangle. Each skydiver stands 4” tall and descends back to earth with real parachute material.

    Jump Zone Glider • Ages 5+ • $9.99
    With soaring power of over 100 feet, this amazing glider is as simple as pull back and launch. The wingspan is an impressive 18” wide x 9.5” high. The enclosed jump zone glider figure gracefully flies high and low.

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