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Sababa Toys Introduces a NEW Line of Board Games Based on the Best-Selling “Ology” Series

NEW YORK, NY (October 2007) Sababa Toys—a leading maker of award-winning board games, novelty products, nostalgic toys and popular playthings—is happy to embark on the world of “ology”. The line includes: Dragonology™: The Game, Wizardology™: The Game, Pirateology™: The Game and NEW Mythology™: The Game.

The World of “Ology” includes:

    Wizardology™: The Game
    Wizardology™: The Game will take kids through a land of mystique with spells, potions and other magical journeys on their quest to become a Master Wizard. The game will debut to coincide with the new Harry Potter book and movie coming out this summer. With Wizardology™: The Game, players can graduate from apprentice to accomplished Wizard by mastering four Wizardological tasks and then by freeing the Master Wizard Merlin from the spell that has bound him to a tree by the evil Vivienne. Wizardology™: The Game comes equipped with 6 highly detailed sculpted Wizard Play pieces and lots of Wizardology™ fun facts and knowledge. Wizardology™: The Game will be retailing for $35.00.

    Pirateology™: The Game
    Ride the rough seas in your quest to hide gold and out-smart, out-battle and ultimately out-live your opponents. Players engage in piracy and battles aboard ships in this game of pirate greed and deceit while avoiding being the castaway. Pirateology™: The Game comes with five highly sculpted Pirate Play pieces and respective ships also sculpted in full color 3D; 100 gold coins and a 3D Sculpted Skull Bank. Pirateology™: The Game will be retailing for $35.00.

    Dragonology™: The Game
    Dragonology™: The Game challenges children and parents alike to travel the world by air, land, and sea, mastering dragons, and engaging in duals in their pursuit to win. It is very interactive, allowing kids to play in an imaginative way that brings the world of dragons to life. The twist on the book and the game is that they both teach kids about embracing and respecting dragons versus slaying them. Game players follow in the footsteps of Dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake, traveling the world by rolling dice, and moving via unique modes of transport like hot air balloons, elephants and steamboats. As they travel players collect bits of knowledge on a dragon and when three bits of knowledge are obtained, they have mastered that dragon. The challenge is that players don’t know which dragons others are collecting and to win you must collect three dragons.

    The game includes nine collectible mini dragons and six sculpted Dragonologist play pieces. Appropriate for ages 8 and up, Dragonology™ will entertain kids for hours. Dragonology™: The Game is retailing for $35.00.

    NEW Mythology: The Game
    Similar to past Ology games, Mythology: The Game will take players on a journey, inspiring interactive game play and family fun. This game is modeled after the Cretan Labyrinth where Theseus ventures through the maze to kill the Minotaur. Players choose from Artemis, Jason, Athena, Narcisus, Orpheus and Pan as they battle monsters like Medusa, Cyclops and Hydra, call on the Gods for assistance, and attempt to be the first player to make their way out of the labyrinth. The game comes with detailed sculpted play pieces. Perfect for ages 8 +. Will retail $34.99

In addition to board games, Wizardology, Pirateology, Dragonology and Mythology also have plush lines, figurines, card games and more! “Ologists” who would like to continue their adventures can log onto to discover more information about available products and activities.

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Sababa Toys is a Manhattan-based merchandising company specializing in products for everyone from the ultra hot kid and tween markets to young adults or, for any consumers who appreciate good fun! Known for its classic toys and licenses including licensed versions of UNO®, Rubik’s® Cube, Etch-A-Sketch®, Toss Across, the original Magic 8 Ball®, and Fisher-Price Classic Toys, Sababa also develops products for over 25 licenses like Happy Feet, Dragonology, Hello Kitty®, Shrek, Eragon, an extensive line-up of sports products from all of the sports leagues and many more. Sababa Toys makes Classic Brands Brand New and Brand New Brands Classic. Its products leverage the hottest properties to appeal to a wide range of consumers and can be found at various mass and specialty retail outlets.

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