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Award Winning U Go Grl Activity Cards
The Perfect Stocking Stuffer to Motivate Girls VCAM

(Ormond Beach, FL – October 10, 2005) As the holidays approach, retailers and consumers begin searching for fresh ideas for stocking stuffers. This year girls will find a new treasure that will inspire them to try new things. U Go Grl Activity Collectible Trading Cards are an exciting new product that will engage girls age 7-12 in hours of life-enriching fun. U Go Grl Activity Cards have been awarded The National Parenting Center’s 2005 Seal of Approval and the 2005 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award.

This unique set of 150 cards was designed by and for girls who wanted a trading card collection that reflects their interests. The activity cards feature 24 realistic, hand drawn, and ethnically diverse girls engaging in various activities. The activities are an entertaining blend of real life fun contained in six Go Categories that girls relate to:

    Go Active, athletics and physical activities
    Go Basic, life skills and general information
    Go Create, creative and artistic expression
    Go Figure, brain teasers and games
    Go Mingle, family and social interactions
    Go Primp, grooming and personal style
Each character has one card from each of the six categories - the U GO GRLs are well-rounded with interests in many aspects of life. The information contained on the backs of the cards is designed to educate, inspire, and challenge girls to attempt activities and collect self-esteem building experiences along the way. Activities include the ''The Announcer's Test'' to practice pronunciation; steps for the perfect pedicure, tips for personalizing ''snail mail'' letters to friends, understanding body language, trick photography tips; and thoughts on good sportsmanship. Each activity’s level of difficulty is rated by a coin system. Girls can keep track of their new experiences as they build their coin bank.

The U Go Grl website, is a fully interactive extension of the activity cards. Girls can test their typing skills, shoot some hoops, download stationary, journals, and party ideas, decode secret messages and solve the secret key code to unlock the VIP pages.

U Go Grl is on its way to becoming the HOTTEST new collectible item for tween age girls. U Go Grl cards are sold in randomly assorted packs of 8 with a bonus sticker or girl-style tattoo in every pack –SRP $3.49. The “Go Primp Flower Tin” is the first in a series of collectible tins and includes a pack of cards and a Go Primp Collector’s Coin along with the CD single of “True Believer” performed by Savvy, a tween band featured on the U Go Grl website. –SRP $14.99.

To keep the product fresh and exciting, the founders of LocaSmarts are encouraging girls to actually take part in the development of Series 2. Girls can vote online for the names of the girls appearing on the next set. They are also holding a contest for the best suggestion in each of the six categories. The suggestions chosen will appear on the backs of the new Series 2 cards. “Our goal was to create a product that real girls could relate to and who better than real girls to provide the ideas that interest them the most.” states James.

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Toy News

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LocaSmarts, LLC was founded in 2004 by stay-at-home moms Shirley James, Chrisann Joson and Carol Farmer to promote positive pursuits for youth. The Ormond Beach, Florida, company plans to build brands that encourage girls to engage in creative activities and provide them with life-enriching experiences. U Go Grl activity cards are available now online as well as at selected specialty toy, gift, museum, hobby, drug, convenience, and trading card stores. Visit U Go Grl for locations.