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Fancy Nancy Thomas, Nancy & Sea Monsters Amuse Dr. Toy, Winning "Best Picks of 2008" Honors

Millburn, NJ (October 14, 2008) – Award-winning game maker Briarpatch has just wowed Dr. Toy, again, with its captivating board games earning not one but three prestigious slots on her Best Picks of 2008 toy list. Dr. Toy, aka Stevanne Auerbach, PhD., selected Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game, Sea Monsters Game and Thomas’ Great Race Game as this year’s best new products on the toy shelves – a handy tidbit for holiday shopping parents and grandparents.

New this year, the Dr. Toy Best Picks of 2008 were chosen “as the latest new products that utilize innovation in specifically captivating a child’s interest through play to learn, be creative and physically active.”

Earlier this fall Dr. Toy bestowed another key award to Briarpatch, I SPY™ Private Eye, named one of the year’s 10 Best Games, part of the 2008 Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products list.

Among this year’s Best Picks of 2008, according to Dr. Toy, evaluator of children’s products for more than 25 years, are these Briarpatch games:

    Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game • $19.99 • Ages 5+
    "Posh is a fancy word for fancy!" explains the literary character Fancy Nancy. This new game is meant for 2 – 4 players whom will delight in helping Fancy Nancy transform her world from plain to fancy. Boas, ribbons, tiaras, and oodles of other frilly accessories make the posh makeover complete! With their pinkies up, young ladies everywhere will be speaking French phrases like voila and c’est magnifique!

    Sea Monsters Sea Monsters • $19.99 • Ages 6+
    Briarpatch navigates the thrill of sailing in uncharted waters in its newest board game, Sea Monsters. Players set sail from Old World Ports -- England, France, Spain and Portugal -- with a fleet of three ships and attempt to cross the uncharted waters of the Atlantic, where unseen Sea Monsters are lurking below the waves. The object of the game is to be first to safely reach a New World Port of Call. Only in Briarpatch fast-paced game can shipwrecked vessels sail again and again. A complete set of rules and game play options are included.

    Great Race Game Thomas The Train Great Race Game • $24.99 • Ages 3 +
    The newest of Briarpatch Thomas the Train games, Thomas’ Great Race has the little engine challenging James, Molly and Percy to learn their numbers and earn coal that powers them up and over the hill and across the finish line. This fast action game develops sorting, counting and color matching skills. Each cheeky little engine drops into a slot on the Great Race track, with the back of each slot open to receive “coal blocks.” Players take turns selecting a card and answering a simple counting question based upon what they see on the card. A correct answer is rewarded when a player picks up the matching block of coal and inserts it into the open slot behind his engine, powering it up the hill.

Look for these and all Briarpatch board and card games at specialty toy stores and major outlets.

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