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Anamalz Playmat


Adorable & Sustainable Toymaker Wins 2nd Honor For Playmat Accessory

Victoria, Australia (October 24, 2011) - When toymakers launch their business or roll out a few new products, they are thrilled when industry experts acknowledge their contribution to childhood with an honor or a glowing review. So imagine the astonishment of Australia's environmentally friendly animal collection, anamalz, when the entire line of wooden animals was praised with a Parents' Choice Silver Honor in this year's prestigious Parents' Choice Awards for Fall 2011 Toys.

Adorable and affordable anamalz -- at $8.95 and up -- are endearing characters from the animal kingdom of present and prehistoric days that can bend in different poses. Each friendly pal is made from sustainable maple wood and textile products and then carefully hand-painted. The hard-to-resist pals are designed for children ages 3 and up. The Parents' Choice judge's extensive glowing review proves how impressive this line of animals is within toy industry circles:

Anamalz ~ $8.95 -$12.95 ~ Ages 3+ Parents' Choice Silver Honor ~ Fall 2011 Toy
Anamalz are an environmentally friendly line of products made from sustainable maple wood and flexible material that allows the figurines to be positioned in innumerable ways. Each animal is actually hand-painted with child-friendly paints. The prehistoric animal collection includes a brontosaurus, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, torosaurus, tyrannosaurus-rex and a triceratops. Although the representation of the animals is abstract in nature, the distinguishing features of each dinosaur are clear. For example, the triceratops includes its three hallmark horns while the stegosaurus is characterized by the bony plates on its back.

The Anamalz website is well-worth a visit and certainly enhances the play and educational value of the toys. In the Products section, children can learn general information and fun facts about each of the dinosaurs. It's important to pay attention to what you learn because you can use the unique registration code that comes with your Anamalz to login to the site and play games like Noughts & Crosses (similar to Tic Tac Toe), which requires players to answer trivia questions about the Anamalz. The website also offers tips to improve the environment, a great soundtrack that is available on CD and a gift ideas section that is entertaining in and of itself.

Aside from creating a product that is safe, entertaining and beautifully designed for the children that play with them, the Anamalz company also cares greatly about the animals they are modeling. A portion of all proceeds go to the "Anamalz Saving Animals" Foundation that contributes "funds to various wildlife and children's organizations around the world." This is one toy you can certainly feel good about giving to your children for so many reasons.

But the Parents' Choice judges didn't stop there -- they awarded an anamalz accessory, a plush playmat, with an additional Fall 2011 Recommended Seal. The glowing review, visible online at website reads:

Anamalz Accessories: Playmat ~ $39.95 ~ Ages 3+ Parents' Choice Recommended Fall 2011 Toy The anamalz Playmat offers a plush environment for the anamalz to roam. A river divides the green grass from the brown dirt section. The river features a family of wooden fish and stepping stones that make it easy to cross. When play is finished, the mat can be folded away and the pocket on the back can be used for storage.

Anamalz can be found everywhere - online at small boutiques and mega website; at Barnes & Noble and specialty shops coast to coast plus internationally in over 20 countries.

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About anamalz
Designed in Australia and made from sustainable maple wood, anamalz is the name of the wonderfully designed, award winning range of toy animals that can be bent into dozens of funny poses. The green business proudly uses fabric that is azo dyed and their waste wood is used on a farm to grow mushrooms. Each toy is assembled in factories that are of the highest standards and meet international regulations. Of the dozens of animals, the giraffe, reindeer and dinosaurs are particular favorites - although a lovable gorilla with the nickname "Rilla" is also a popular choice among youngsters! Visit all of the anamalz at their website at