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Waba Fun Introducing Collectibles Googie, Bluper, Dread, Moonsail, Strut & Jeter

Loveland, Colorado (November 22, 2010) – Kids love to ask big-picture questions like, why is the sky blue? and how did they build that skyscraper? Budding engineers and architects who are still in preschool and kindergarten now have a collectible toy line -- with a focus on building -- known as the Arc-A-Teks® by toymaker WABA Fun.

WABA Fun already has had wild success with their award-winning Superstructs™ line of building toys. In technical toy talk, Superstructs are the vibrant plastic rod and connector style construction toys that feature safe, durable EVA foam panels that 'pop' between the rods and joints. Now Superstructs rolls out three styles of the Arc-A-Teks starting with six intriguing characters that each hold an online secret!

Waba Fun Each of these Arc-A-Teks are actually 40-42 connector pieces, enough to build two complete Arc-a-Teks characters simultaneously. Check the enclosed collector cards that reveal each Arc-A-Tek’s name, details and a secret code to unlock an additional Arc-A-Tek online.

Arc-A-Teks were designed for ages 3+ and can be found at Toys R Us priced affordably at $9.99. Choose one (or all) of three sets: Earth, Sky or Sea. Each set contains materials to construct 2 characters with easy-to-follow instructions. As a bonus, builders can go to the Arc-a-Teks website and enter secret codes found on the collectible cards to unlock and create a third character! Or better yet, create your own! Collect all 3 sets and build a total of 12 possible characters. Builders will be amazed to find an Arc-A-Teks written language (written by the self-starting and inventive 10-year-old son of one of WABA Fun’s creators!)

From the Earth, Sea and Sky sets, welcome Googie, Bluper, Moonsail, Dread, Jeter and Strut. Googie, an Earth character, lives in the Empire State Building in New York City! He loves all sorts of skyscrapers like the Dubai Tower – currently the tallest building in the world. He’s also a fan of geodesic domes and arches.

Bluper, an Earth character, is also called the “Engineer” and resides in Yankee Stadium in New York City! He’s great at drawing blueprints, hence his name. He’s a master of using the right materials to make buildings strong in case of hurricanes or earthquakes. When you buy an Earth set, two trading cards inside will give you the codes to enter at to unveil instructions for building a third character, Copula, using parts from Bluper and Googie.

Moonsail, a Sea character, lives on the beach in Hawaii. Moonsail’s name comes from an unusual type of sail that’s used on ships built for speed – like pirate ships! He loves dreaming up ideas for new ships and then building them. Googie and Bluper, Earth Builders

Dread, a Sea character, is also known as the “Captain” and lives in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His modern structure muse is the USS Ronald Reagan, the largest aircraft carrier in the world.

The Sea characters’ trading cards provide codes to go online to capture instructions for building a third character, Caravelis.

Jeter, a Sky character, is the twin of Strut. His name comes from the word “jet” where jet engines allow planes to fly higher and faster than glider and propeller planes. He lives with his brother at Florida’s Cape Canaveral.

Strut, a Sky character, can be found at Florida’s Cape Canaveral. This builder believes in planning first, then constructing. He adores aircraft that are big, strong and loud plus he loves blimps, helicopters and airplanes. His twin is Jeter.

The codes from Jeter and Strut reveal how to build Falconi. Jeter and Strut, twin Sky Builders

Kids can also use the web site to learn more about the history of the Arc-A-Teks and their muse-like influence on many of Earth’s own famous designers and inventors. If kids achieve building Falconi, Caravelis and Cupola from their basic Earth, Sea and Sky sets, they will be able to get the coveted codes to build Archie, Samos and ultimately, Zig-Zag. Prior to their nearextinction, the Arcatopians built a ship and sent Zig-Zag, their most talented master builder to the planet Earth to help preserve the crafts and artistry of master-building as well as to help humanity to build its character. They selected Earth as Zig-Zag’s destination because The Milky Way Galaxy and Earth's solar system were their proudest accomplishments. And, unbenownst to humanity, Earth had been made in Arcatopia’s image.

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