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SweetPea3™ MP3 player for kids starts shipping in time for Christmas

Calgary, AB – Dec 3, 2007 – Calgary based start-up Peapod Toys Inc. is pleased to announce that it has begun shipping its innovative SweetPea3™ MP3 player for kids. This MP3 player is available to consumers directly from the Peapod Toys website.

The SweetPea3™ is a highly portable audio player designed exclusively for the needs of infants, toddlers and school age children. “MP3 technology is extremely well suited to children’s music players. It gives parents complete control of the programming and lets children control how and when it is played back”, says Peapod Toys President Dan Lemay.

Among the player’s many child-centered features is the built-in speaker, which eliminates the need for headphones. This feature alleviates one of the biggest concerns many parents have with traditional “headphone” MP3 players and allows even the youngest child to listen to music safely. “Music is meant to be a shared experience. Why would you put headphones on your toddler?” says Mr. Lemay.

Other key features are the robust, rubber overmolded enclosure, the ultra-simple three button controls, the LCD display and the carrying handle for extreme portability. Because of its programmability and versatility, the SweetPea3™ is an excellent educational toy that adapts as the child grows.

For more information about the SweetPea3™, please visit the Peapod Toys Inc. website at

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Peapod Toys Inc. is an innovator in electronic toys and media for children. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they are dedicated to providing parents with the tools and materials they need to immerse their children in the world of music and educational programming. Their first product, the SweetPea3™ MP3 player, is a unique blend of ruggedness, style, functionality and safety.