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Whagaa Software and Complete Soccer Coach Deliver First Instructional Soccer App for Kids


SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Mar 04, 2009 Whagaa Software Inc., publisher and developer of instructional apps for mobile devices and the developer of the iMIP (Interactive Mobile Instructional Platform), today announced the release of the GoLearn Soccer for Kids app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

With GoLearn Soccer for Kids, coaches, parents and children soccer athletes can learn warm ups, training drills and cool downs. Each of the 30+ videos offers clear instruction from a professional soccer coach for kids. Additionally the Soccer Notes feature enables the user to keep important notes about trainee’s attendance and drills – all from their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch while at the practice field.

The instructional content in GoLearn Soccer for Kids is perfect for ages U6 through U12.

The app features:

  • Over 30 videos covering: drills, warm ups, games and stretching.
  • All age appropriate skills and drills for kids U6-U12
  • Soccer Notes
  • Good for every age/level player
  • Professional coaching in the palm of your hand. Never have to search for new and exciting drills again.
“The key to youth soccer is in getting kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Complete Soccer Coach accomplishes both by providing drills and advice for great practice sessions in a mobile, easily accessible device, which will give the kids something they haven't seen before. By providing fun and timely instruction on all aspects of the sport and drills that reinforce the teachings, parents and children will be confident, prepared, and able to more thoroughly enjoy the activity,” said Andrew Hemingway, Founder of Complete Soccer Coach.

“This release of GoLearn Soccer for Kids is the first instructional content application from Whagaa targeted for kids and their parents. The GoLearn format offers content providers a unique opportunity to target specific markets with timely content while mobile. GoLearn Soccer for Kids is a great example of how an application can target a market to enrich and instruct,” said Erik Florio, CEO/Founder of Whagaa Software.

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About Whagaa Software Inc.
Founded in 2002, Whagaa empowers traditional content providers by providing an accelerated approach to leverage their instructional content on smart mobile computing platforms. Whagaa delivers a rapid, innovative application development platform that accelerates the combination of traditional content such as database, GPS, video and web-enabled content, and social networking, with a unique, stylized platform to enhance and enrich the user experience in a mobile environment. Traditional content providers are invited to partner with Whagaa to easily and effectively leverage their content for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and to enrich their content into an interactive application. Consumers can benefit from having at their fingertips rich instructional content for all aspects of life such as fitness, sports, cooking and “do it yourself” instructional content, historical data and tracking and all the other applicable iPhone functionality that is contextually relevant. Whagaa’s iMIP’s platform and methodologies provide a faster, cheaper method to market and an improved user experience for the consumer.

About Complete Soccer Coach
Complete Soccer Coach is a web based soccer coaching resource that uses innovative media to provide appropriate coaching content to youth soccer coaches of various experience levels. Complete Soccer Coach makes use of a variety of web technologies that include a comprehensive video library, a comprehensive drill library, online coaching certification, online articles from expert coaches, and one-on-one customized advice and support from our professional staff.