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Gerald McBoing Boing: The Noise-Making Boy

Gerald McBoing Boing

On DVD: September 5, 2006

Rating: Not Rated
Format: Color, NTSC
Studio: Sony Wonder (Video)

NEW YORK, NY – August 8, 2006 – Honk! Boing! Burp! Classic Media will release two new Gerald McBoing Boing DVDs on September 5th, Gerald McBoing Boing Adventures and Gerald McBoing Boing Fairytales. Each DVD contains six episodes from the hit Cartoon Network animated series that TV Guide has proclaimed a “must see treat.”

This new series, which has been airing on Cartoon Network since August 2005, is based on the Oscar-winning animated short film and classic book written by Theodor Geisel (the beloved Dr. Seuss). Both titles also come packaged with a mini-reprint of the original Dr. Seuss book.

Gerald McBoing Boing is actually Gerald McCloy, a six year-old boy who doesn’t speak in words, but in sound effects. Gerald lives in a wonderfully optimistic place, a world filled with silliness and warm-hearted humor, where the townspeople are completely accepting of a six-year-old boy who only makes sounds. He manages to find all sorts of adventures along with his Janine, Jacob and dog Burp. Gerald uses “honks,” “hoots,” and “boings” to solve problems, entertain his friends, and even cause a little harmless mischief along the way. Gerald is the unrenowned hero of the animation-style pioneered in the 1950s by United Productions of America called “limited animation.”

Play the GERALD MCBOING BOING SOUND-A-LIKE GAME for play online! Follow the link and see if you can follow Gerald's sounds!

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